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-Five working days is needed in lab for case completion. Typical mail order case has ten day turn-a-round.
-Mail order cases are shipped via U.S. Mail, UPS, Airborne and Federal Express.
-The Dental Lab will pay all shipping costs
-Prepaid Mailing Labels are available upon request.
-Terms:Doctor agrees to pay account in full within 30 days of statement. -Service charge. of 2% over 60 days.
-Mastercard - Visa - AmEx accepted.
-Promotional materials for patients are available through our laboratory.
1- 800 Number available during regular business hours for technical support, and any questions.

To contact us please call 1-800-553-0716 or email The Dental Lab
For web related questions or comments please e-mail

**This information is provided for dental care professionals. We do not provide services for the general public. If you're a patient, please contact your local dentist with questions about these products.

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